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Launch of the World’s First Organic Omega-3 – Ocean Based (DHA)

Feb 12, 2021 | Press Releases

February 2, 2021, EverseaTM America Inc. (“Eversea” or the “Company”) (TSXV:SVS) is pleased to announce launch of the world’s first and only organic certified Omega-3 DHA chewable for children. The product is a unique first offering for Eversea, using the world’s only EU and USDA organic certified DHA ingredient NanuqTM Omega3 100 (pronounced Na Nook). This patented ingredient is the product of 7 years of research and development into the development of ocean-based Omega-3 without using chemical process aids/additives, solvents or heavy industrial processes. We grow the product indoors in sterilized stainless steel to ensure the highest quality, which prevents environmental contamination. The ingredient has obtained FDA NDI (New Dietary Ingredient) status. Nanuq Omega-3 100 is the only sustainable plant-based Omega-3 DHA in the world suitable for customers that demand clean, green and organic products.

Over a 100 Billion Fish a Year Used for Omega-3 Supplementation

The first product is a gummy-like children’s supplement that we call a Fruit Drop. It contains over 80% dried organic fruit, has no added sugar and is tested free of all common allergens. It is plant-based and non-GMO. This is a meticulous organic product, processed without nutrient degrading industrial processing or chemicals, resulting in a clean whole food Omega-3. Parents can feel good about feeding their children a wholesome and healthy supplement. WE can also feel good about protecting our oceans. Each bottle saves 6 fish when compared to consuming fish oil from the pacific anchovy fishery, where the great majority of our global supply of Omega 3 fish oil for supplements comes from. The first flavor is Zing Fruit, which can best be described as orange zest with some sweetness coming from the dried fruit. Eversea intends to continue developing products ranging from new fruit drop flavors to adult food boosters and superfoods – all organic.

Look for Nanuq!

The Zing Fruit Drop children’s 90’s is available through the company’s e-commerce web site at eversea.ca and Amazon, both only in the USA. Social media awareness and Facebook advertising has just commenced.

Our patented Nanuq ingredient is the world’s first ocean-based Omega-3 (DHA) that is organic. It is certified organic in the EU and by the USDA.

Our Nanuq logo appears on Omega-3 products to confirm they are truly organic. Check your health products, your food labels, and your nutraceuticals for the Nanuq logo. If the bear is not there, it’s not organic Nanuq Omega-3.


Our product, values, and purpose are aligned. We believe in a bright life for all people AND the planet. Eversea’s unique organic certified ingredient Nanuq (pronounced Na-Nook) Omega-3 is produced without depleting the ocean. This means we can enhance your health while saving fish or krill. Also, a portion of our profits go to support the ocean and the environment. We have a team of talented individuals who are committed to bringing you the very best (and healthiest) organic products available. We believe in the value of long-chain (ocean-based) Omega-3 because your supplements should be as healthy as possible. That’s why we made sure our products were developed without solvents or chemicals and contain only wholesome recognizable ingredients. Years of work were spent becoming experts at only using organic nutrients to grow an ocean high Omega-3 algae. We did it because we want the best for children, ourselves and for you — our customers! Please enjoy our products with confidence and the knowledge that Eversea’s Omega-3 products are like no others available in the world.

          For further information:    www.eversea.ca     Email: info@eversea.ca

Eversea Inc. is a wholly owned division of Solarvest BioEnergy Inc. (TSXV:SVS)