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The Beginning of Life

Algae is fundamental and essential to all life on earth.  Long ago, cyanobacteria (a type of algae), developed photosynthesis with the ability to fix carbon and emit oxygen. This process is referred to as the Great Oxygenation Event (GOE) which changed the oceans by killing off the anaerobic bacteria and eventually producing free oxygen in our atmosphere. It was the beginning of life as we know it. Additionally, every green plant on dry land also evolved from algae-evidenced by the fact that they contain algae’s photosynthetic machinery-the chloroplast. 

Even today algae keeps us alive by producing 70% of all the oxygen on earth. It accomplishes this incredible feature by harvesting free energy from sunlight, consuming the carbon in CO2, and then releasing the O2. The Rain Forests get the glory and headlines while algae actually does the majority of the hard work.

This inconspicuous but highly impactful little organism inspired our company name Solarvest, the conjunction of Solar and Harvest.

About Us

Our Company

Solarvest, over the last eight years, has researched and developed an algae patent portfolio establishing the company as a world leader in the expression of valuable products from its advanced micro algae platform.

This proprietary technology platform has demonstrated Proof of Concept for diverse applications ranging from clean energy hydrogen and high value multi-million dollar per gram human therapeutic proteins to Omega-3 fatty acids for the global nutraceutical market. Currently, we are extending our portfolio to include cannabinoids and to express CBD and THC.


What We Do

Essential Human Nutrition

The company has developed the first and only organic Omega-3 (long chain DHA & EPA) in the world. These fatty acids are critical for everyone’s healthy development, especially beneficial for our brain, eyes, and heart.

Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Solarvest’s patented expression platform produces highly bio-active pharmaceutical ingredients. Algae-based production is naturally safe, efficient, and cost effective, thus advantageous for partners’ products in many ways.  

Clean Energy

Sustainable hydrogen will revolutionize the world. Our process is able to harvest the sun’s energy and induce algae’s natural enzymes to break down water into oxygen and clean energy hydrogen, creating the possibility of zero carbon footprint clean burning fuel.


Nutraceutical Product

Click below to learn more about the world’s first organic DHA/EPA Omega-3, our consumer brand and our first commercialized product.

We are scientists, engineers, researchers, and entrepreneurs, innovating together

Based in Canada, Solarvest is a biologic company specializing in innovative algae technologies. Our team innovates together to advance the quality of human life and protect the natural environment at the same time.

Technology Forms the Foundation for the Product Pipeline

Based on the basis of algae growth and concentration, our flexible production platform is capable of producing numerous product lines for different usage. In the future, we will complete the protein purification and hydrogen yield & separation process to advance our technological operation.


Yield & Extraction

Protein Expression

Strain Screening


Product Formulation

Expression Program

Algae Growth & Concentration

For Investors

Invest in Solarvest

Solarvest BioEnergy Inc. is a world leader in the research and development of microalgae strains for high value markets. The latest algae-based biological technologies are directed to develop and commercialize sustainable human health products and clean energy. This algae technology platform is unique since a single skill set and production process may be applied to three seemingly diverse applications-the three pillars of essential nutrition, active ingredients, and clean energy. The Parent Company, Solarvest Bioenergy Inc., is a Canadian, publicly traded Company that is listed on the TSX venture exchange with the symbol (SVS).

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