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World’s First Organic Omega -3 (DHA)

Sep 30, 2020 | Press Releases

Vancouver, B.C., Sept 30, 2020 –  Solarvest BioEnergy Inc. (“Solarvest”, or the “Company”) (TSX-V:SVS), The company is pleased to announce that it has produced commercial volumes of its organic Omega-3 powdered supplement, using European manufacturing contractors. This is a global first, a sustainable, plant based and organic Omega-3 supplement. The product has been reviewed and licensed for interstate commerce by the FDA.

The great majority of Omega-3 comes from the South American anchoveta/anchovy fishery which the FAO calls the “The most heavily exploited fish in world history”*.  Wild fish cannot be organic certified and the concerns about widespread ocean pollution (micro plastic, heavy metals, PCB’s and Dioxins) are becoming well known.  

The company will use this active ingredient powder for the manufacture of its “EverseaTM” brand of organic Omega-3 nutraceuticals and will concurrently be sold to key companies to market under their own brands. The company will also sell this supplement to organic food processors/marketers such as baby food suppliers for a patented protected product enhancement. The company will also pursue premium animal applications such as high Omega-3 eggs, pet supplements and food(s).

About Solarvest:

Solarvest BioEnergy Inc. is an algae biotechnology company whose production platform provides it with an extremely flexible system capable of producing numerous products from Omega 3 fatty acids to human therapeutic proteins. The company has successfully demonstrated (news release dated March 16th. 2015) the expression of BMP, a high value therapeutic protein, viral antigens (immune stimulating proteins), and Cecropins (antimicrobial peptide/protein). The company has initiated a program for the expression of CBD and THC to be produced in GMP fermentation facilities. 

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Email: invest@solarvest.ca

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*FAO, Food and Agriculture Organization of The United Nations